What are the benefits of contract work?

What are the benefits of contract work?

Are you thinking about exploring contract opportunities?

Contract work can be the perfect career choice for those seeking more flexibility, autonomy, and a fantastic work-life balance.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, we’ve summarised several key benefits of contract work, to help you make informed decisions about your next career steps.

Learn a wide range of skills.

Whilst in a contract role you’re likely to gain lots of useful experience, as each new assignment may require you to use different processes, or even learn a new skill set.

Freedom to move.

There are lots of long-term contracts available within the nuclear industry, however short-term contracts are also very common. These enable you to move between assignments easily, whether this be with the same client, or offering your services to a new client.

On the other hand, contract assignments can also open doors in permanent employment. Whilst contract work is ideal for those who prefer flexibility and freedom to move, it’s not uncommon for permanent positions to be offered to contract workers.

Connect with more professionals in your sector.

The more projects you work on, the more people you will meet! This will allow you to grow your network, strengthen your knowledge and enhance your diverse thinking. If you’re just starting out in your career, this can also have huge benefits for your interpersonal skills. It’ll become easy for you to adjust to different working styles, and you may find that you develop communication skills which enable you to collaborate on projects more efficiently.

Choose a payroll option which is right for you.

You will have the option to receive payment on either a weekly or monthly basis, as well as the option to opt into a salary sacrifice scheme.

A salary sacrifice arrangement is an agreement with your employer to reduce your salary, with the difference being put into your pension as an increased employer pension contribution. This reduces your tax and national insurance contributions, which boosts your take-home pay.

Westlakes Fusion set up every scheme with salary sacrifice capability, so that it can either be used now or in the future, with the flexibility to switch to salary sacrifice at a later date when it may be more economically worthwhile.

Receive the same benefits as a permanent employee.

Due to the flexible nature of contract work, many people believe contract work does not go hand in hand with stability. But, as an umbrella company employee, you receive all the same benefits as a permanent employee such as staff benefits, sick pay, paternity pay and maternity pay.

To find out more about how our payroll solutions could benefit you, please get in touch with our friendly team at contact@westlakesfusion.co.uk.

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