Westlakes Fusion secures new headquarters in Cockermouth

Westlakes Fusion secures new headquarters in Cockermouth

Westlakes Fusion’s new office will be located within a listed building on Main Street, Cockermouth. 

By Jessica Leary

Westlakes Fusion’s new office space will be located in the former Wordsworth Hotel, a listed building in Cockermouth, Cumbria.

The building, which has remained empty for six years, is currently being revitalised and is undergoing a renovation.

The company's sister business, Westlakes Recruit, will also occupy a new office next door to Westlakes Fusion.

Claire Wilcock, CEO of Westlakes Fusion and Westlakes Recruit, said the company hope to create a “beautiful, unique and creative” collaborative workspace which accommodates diverse work styles, offering benefits such as increased productivity, employee wellbeing and agility. 

Claire added: “Cockermouth is a fantastic location for our new office as part of a community home to one of Europe’s largest nuclear sites, and we wanted to continue to promote economic growth in the centre of Cockermouth.”

Mark Wilcock, Westlakes Fusion's Director, said: “We are all super excited for the new office to open, you can feel the excitement throughout the business, but it is far more than just an office, it is a space where work and lifestyle can thrive together.

“We have heard a lot about WFH, but the new HQ will bring home to work. 

“From a business perspective, it is an exciting step that will support the next stage of growth for Westlakes Fusion & Recruit, alongside personnel appointments later in 2022 that will enhance the board of directors.” 

The new office space is expected to open on Thursday 1st December 2022.