Westlakes Fusion partner with social enterprise All Together Cumbria

Westlakes Fusion partner with social enterprise All Together Cumbria

The new partnership aims to support the attraction of contract workers to prevalent local sectors such as nuclear and construction, by offering payroll solutions whilst boosting social impact in Cumbria.

Westlakes Fusion have announced their partnership with All Together Cumbria, a social enterprise investing in providing the people of Cumbria with opportunities and access to employment.

All Together Cumbria delivers a range of skills and employability programmes to enable and empower people into meaningful employment, including widening opportunities for workforce participation amongst under-represented groups.  They also facilitate career advancement, assisting in the development of the Cumbrian workforce to meet skills challenges, whilst also engaging with young people, assisting in the discovery and development of career opportunities within Cumbria.

As part of the partnership, Westlakes Fusion are offering a rebate scheme which involves a weekly contribution to All Together Cumbria to support the delivery of their skills and employability programmes. Therefore, providing a flexible umbrella payroll solution for contract workers whilst supporting the local community.

Claire Wilcock, CEO of Westlakes Fusion said: “We are proud to be based in a community home to a number of innovative industries, and of course one of Europe’s largest nuclear sites. Our partnership with All Together Cumbria facilitates flexible contracting with permanent stability for the contingent workforce in the area, whilst also allowing us to give back to our fantastic community.”

Andy Dodds, Social Enterprise Manager at All Together Cumbria, added: “We are delighted to be enhancing our Partnership with Westlakes to provide the opportunity for organisations to boost their social impact through the use of the payroll services offered by Westlakes Fusion, enabling greater investment in our skills and employability programmes.”

All Together Cumbria delivers recruitment in a meaningful way, also operating a recruitment desk to support businesses in resourcing robustly to undertake work for key clients.  Through the operation of the recruitment desk, working with partners including Westlakes Fusion, additional revenues are generated for re-investment in the local community. 

Organisations can get involved with All Together Cumbria through Westlakes Fusion to support their own contingent workforce hiring and payroll needs, whilst also participating in the skills and employability programmes that All Together Cumbria deliver, such as providing work experience or placement opportunities and contributing to educational projects.

To find out more about the work of All Together Cumbria, please visit: All Together Cumbria – All Together Cumbria.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how this partnership could help you, please get in touch with Claire on clairew@westlakesfusion.co.uk.