6 Major Advantages of Using Westlakes Fusion

6 Major Advantages of Using Westlakes Fusion

Are you tired of getting drenched in the rain of your own finances or your business expenses? Well, we're counting down all the advantages of why you should get under our umbrella so we can take care of your financial needs for you. 

Firstly, we're the only professionally accredited umbrella payroll solution business in Cumbria with access to a range of perks and benefits. Founded by nuclear recruitment specialists, Claire and Mark Wilcock, who understand the importance of on time, accurate payrolls. 

We deliver PAYE payroll services to the UK nuclear market and UAE, using our four products, Base, Zero, React and Enrich, bespoke to your requirements, helping you focus on growing your business powered by our financial innovation and cutting-edge technology. 

Our products:

BASE° - Cash flow and pay with client quarterly rebate. If you refer a contract worker to us, you’re eligible for our £5 rebate per timesheet as part of this package.

ZERO° - Free client outsourced payroll with client quarterly rebate. If you refer a contract worker to us, you’re eligible for our £5 rebate per timesheet as part of this package.

REACT° - Westlakes Recruit candidate source. Cash flow and pay with client quarterly rebate.

ENRICH° - We take care of D&A, SQEP and DBS, ensuring the security vetting process is efficient and compliant.

 With these products and our understanding of the nuances of the nuclear industry, we help contractors, agencies and construction organisations expand their financial success, with a focus on building long-term relationships. We take care of all necessary financial administration, so you can concentrate on what’s really important. You and your business. 

Other benefits include: 

1. Flexible salary sacrifice & pension schemes

2. Continued employment status in the UK and abroad

3. Support claiming clients billable expenses

4. Dedicated account manager 

5. Swift payments – payment release before 12pm 

6. Tax & HMRC regulation compliance 


Why we’re different: 

We take pride in our customer focus. That’s why our contractors know to expect a market leading, friendly and high-quality payroll service from us, and nothing less.

As well as securing a professional passport accreditation, the contractors under our umbrella work with prestigious companies such as Westinghouse, EDF, Sellafield, and we're working with councils up and down the country - ourportfolio is ever-expanding.

We also work in partnership with All Together Cumbria to combat the current nationwide skills shortage to empower local workers and boost positive social change.   

Contractor benefits:

  • Processing payslips and ensuring on the time payment 
  • Professional Passport Accredited member
  • Flexible salary sacrifice and pension schemes
  • Fixed margin with no hidden fees
  • Ensuring compliance with the latest tax regulation updates and HMRC
  • Simple, fast registration 
  • Highly rated rewards scheme
  • First-class customer service

If you fall inside the scope of IR35 legislation and would like to move from assignments seamlessly, working as an umbrella company contractor is the best solution for you, your job stability and finances. 

Once you've signed up, you effectively become an employee of Westlakes Fusion, meaning you'll benefit from all of the same employment rights as permanent employees. You'll also be able to carry out multiple short-term contracts with less overall risk. We also run a flexible Salary Sacrifice scheme that can help you put away money for use in your pension pot or for anything you need. 

If you want to read about the benefits of joining a salary sacrifice scheme, we have written an article explaining the process in the simplest terms to help you understand what it's all about.